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As Fireflight prepare to release its first new album in over three years, 'INNOVA', we speak to vocalist Dawn Michele about the band and what's new with their fifth full-length album.

Tell us a little bit about your new album 'INNOVA' and what the inspiration behind it was?

INNOVA is our first independent release since leaving our label of the past eight years. We have never been more excited about creating music. INNOVA is Latin for renew, and we feel like we are at a crossroads not only as a newly independent artist, but also as people and musicians. We find...
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Fireflight - INNOVA
May 22 2015

Fireflight - INNOVA

Oooh I do like a good bit of synthy pop. Defiant synthy pop at that. "Nothing's going to stop us now, nothing's going to take us down". And so the tone is set as "Keep Fighting" comes straight out from the corner all…


Fireflight - We Are Alive
Apr 07 2015

Fireflight - We Are Alive

Taken from Fireflight's brand new forthcoming album 'INNOVA', here is their first video in three years, 'We Are Alive'.

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