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The next installment in the Worship Anthems compilation series, titled 'Worship Anthems 2012', will be released on 10th March 2012. The double-disc live album features thirty one songs taken from some of the UK's biggest festivals and events including Grapevine, Keswick, Soul Survivor, Spring Harvest and Vineyard.

'Worship Anthems 2012' also features Jesus Culture, True Worshippers and Vineyard USA. Elevation, who compile the Worship Anthems albums, said "The sound of the global saints lifting high the one true God is glorious and magnificent."

The latest compilation follows in the footsteps of the series predecessors 'Worship Anthems: Kids', 'Hymn Anthems', 'Worship Anthems: Decade'...
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Worship Anthems - Kids
Apr 12 2011

Worship Anthems - Kids

Kids songs. Mmmmmm, without sounding negative I'm not a fan. Every time one is used in our times of worship at church I am probably the first to roll my eyes. It always feels like a token gesture when it is usually stuck in the…

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