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Soulful singer-songwriter Jules Rendell is releasing a new live video performance of her song 'Remember', for Remembrance Sunday. "Music helps us connect with our emotions", explains Jules. "I see it every time I perform 'Remember' live - it's a song that touches people for many reasons."

Inspired by Maya Angelou and co-written with Bianca Rose, it calls for the listener to remember hopeful words spoken to them by absent friends or family. “I ask the audience to take whatever they want from the song… whether it reminds them of loved ones...
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Jules Rendell Set To Release Her Debut Album 'Imagine'
Apr 17 2018

Jules Rendell Set To Release Her Debut Album 'Imagine'

UK singer/songwriter Jules Rendell will release her debut solo album 'Imagine' on 20th April 2018. Produced by Feranmi Oguns (Jake Isaac, Josh Record) and Bastian Testori from OL Music, Imagine is a departure from her soul-jazz…

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