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'Scars and Straw', an exciting Christmas production featuring music and specially-filmed narration and drama, is touring the UK over the next few weeks with an exciting live band. LTTM caught up with the director, Martin Clark, to find out more about the production and what people can expect when they go to see it.

Give us a summary of what people can expect when they come to see the 'Scars and Straw' production.

People can expect to be challenged by Scars & Straw and - if past experience is to be gone by - profoundly-moved. Generally I have people coming up to...
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Christmas Interview
Dec 23 2014

Christmas Interview

We asked a few well known artists some quick questions about their plans for Christmas. Check out their answers below in the ultimate LTTM Christmas Interview! What is the best part of Christmas? Kevin Max: "The smell of…



Worship Anthems 2019
May 16 2019

Worship Anthems 2019

Worship Anthems 2019 is the perfect title for this album. When I hear the word Anthem I think of everyone together belting out a chorus as one. This album has so many tracks like that and they are well worth exploring as this…

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