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A new compilation album recorded at the 'Fri:d3m Festival' in London has recently been released by Zoe Records, featuring a diverse range of Gospel music. Louder Than The Music spoke to Tracy Lenga, Project Coordinator and a featured artist on the 'Fri:d3m Festival Compilation Album', to find out more about it.

For those who haven't heard of the Fri:D3m Festival, can you tell us a bit about it?

Fri:d3m Festival Compilation Album is a special album for a number of reasons, primarily being a community project to teach gospel music to young people check (Frid3m, Freedom Choir) and it’s the first British...
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Scars & Straw (Martin Clark)
Nov 21 2017

Scars & Straw (Martin Clark)

'Scars and Straw', an exciting Christmas production featuring music and specially-filmed narration and drama, is touring the UK over the next few weeks with an exciting live band. LTTM caught up with the director, Martin Clark…


Zoe Nites UK Urban Gospel Album Released
Feb 24 2021

Zoe Nites UK Urban Gospel Album Released

The next instalment of Zoe Nites compilation album is presented in the form of UK Urban Gospel Nite, featuring leading UK Christian artists in the genres of Hip Hop, Grime, R&B and Gospel. The live event took place at the O2…


Various Artists - Worship Anthems 2021
Nov 20 2020

Various Artists - Worship Anthems 2021

More than ever before, inspiring songs of worship are strengthening faith and fortitude in the midst of life's challenges and opportunities. The unique and unparalleled WORSHIP ANTHEMS features songs led by Elim Sound, Kim…

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