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Having turned much of his attention in the past few years to writing and producing for other artists, Nathan Jess is back with this exciting new single, 'Man Of Your Word'.

This song was written at a Maverick City Music writing camp and was the lead single on their latest and Dove nominated album, Mav City Vol. 3 Part 1. Nathan wrote this song with Chandler Moore who is the featured artist on the Billboard charting original, as well as Housefires members Tony Brown and Jonathan Jay and he can’t wait for people to hear his own take on the song.

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Nathan Jess - Phoenix
Jul 10 2017

Nathan Jess - Phoenix

Please let me introduce to you to the marvellous Nathan Jess and his new album 'Phoenix'. Of course some will know this talented artist from his 2013 debut album 'Love Stands Forever'. Now four years later he is back with an…

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