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GRAMMY-nominated Rhett Walker Band has released their self-titled EP with Essential Records/Sony Music. The six-song EP features the debut single "Say Hello," and its follow-up, "Like Your Father Does," which Rhett Walker Band debuted on the Grand Ole Opry, their tenth appearance, earlier this summer. Less than two months later, Rhett Walker Band was honored to take the stage again, making their 11th career appearance at the famed venue. The band performed "Heavenly Home," a new song found on the EP, and the GRAMMY-nominated staple "When Mercy Found Me."

Rhett Walker Band EP...
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Rhett Walker Band EP
Aug 15 2018

Rhett Walker Band EP

Rhett Walker Band have a new EP out. And what an amazing EP it is. From the swagger and gutsy sounds of opening track 'Say Hello' to the bluesy 'Peace And The Family', this EP is really something well worth investing your time…

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