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Louder Than The Music have had the oppertunity to be able to ask worship leader Simon Brading a few questions.

What was the inspiration behind the title track of the album Going Your Way?

Going Your Way is a song about following God and going His way. It talks about surrender, submission, following where God leads and living a life that honours Him. The idea for the chorus came from a Poker expression, 'all in'. When you play Poker, they say someone is 'all in' when they bet all their chips, not holding back, but giving all they have. This is what...
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Simon Brading Releasing Studio Album 'Alive With Worship'
Jun 05 2018

Simon Brading Releasing Studio Album 'Alive With Worship'

UK Worship Leader Simon Brading will release his new album 'Alive With Worship' on 1st June 2018 through FreedomSounds. Simon has devoted his life to serving the church. As the Worship Pastor at Emmanuel in Brighton, he has…

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