Philippa Hanna Releases 'Christmas - The Greatest Story' EP

Nov 13 2020

As the Christmas season draws near, Philippa Hanna finds herself in an exciting new season. After 11 years of marriage, her and her husband Joel are expecting their first baby. As the due date draws near (giddily close to Christmas), the artist has been considering the Christmas story - the journey of Mary, a young first-time mum-to-be, and the humble birth of our Saviour into challenging circumstances - and releases a timely EP, Christmas - The Greatest Story.

This year has been very confronting and challenging for all of us. It's been an interesting time for Philippa to find herself wrapped up in the blessed and fragile state of pregnancy, she explains that "faced with the reality of a somewhat changed world, it's impossible not to wonder, 'am I crazy to bring a child into all of this?'" But the world which Jesus came so humbly into was a dangerous one too, and His coming brought assurance that we have a hope and a future. In this season let us be captured anew by the humility and power of that miraculous birth which gives us hope for tomorrow. There is no greater time to sing songs that celebrate the coming of our Saviour into a troubled world.

"I am so excited to bring you this collection of my favorite carols, featuring collaborations with some incredible artists, to celebrate the glorious birth of Jesus," Philippa continues. Because of Him, we can embrace perfect peace during this festive season.

'Yet in thy dark streets shineth, the everlasting light. The hopes and fears of all the years a met in thee tonight.' Truly, the Greatest Story.

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