Video: Mack Brock

Nov 28 2020

“I wrote Space to remind myself that Jesus always has space for me. No matter our surroundings, past, season of life, faults or failures. He has room for us to be with Him just as we are. He has created a safe place for us to engage our heart with His and my hope is that this song will help you to enter into a new intimacy with God where the noise fades away and you can be you, with him.” Mack Brock’s new single “Space (with Amanda Lindsey Cook)” is available now taken from his brand new album SPACE.

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Gas Street Music - Praise To You Alone
Jan 19

Gas Street Music - Praise To You Alone

Gas Street Music (formerly Worship Central) have released their new single 'Praise To You Alone', written by Nick Herbert, Josh Gauton, Anna Hamilton and Jimmy James.

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