Kelsey Kindall Releases 'Couldn't Be Bothered' EP

Dec 03 2020

Kelsey Kindall, a christian singer/songwriter based in San Francisco, has released a new EP titled 'Couldn't Be Bothered', featuring the single 'Change My Life'.

Kelsey Kindall is a fresh and dynamic pop singer/songwriter currently based in San Francisco. After she released her first single Couldn’t Be Bothered, it was obvious that Kelsey is a force to be reckoned with. She released her debut album on Friday, Nov. 20.

Kelsey writes for the people who don’t take life too seriously. She quite literally wrote her way around the world before the pandemic volunteering as a missionary in over 20 countries and since quarantine devoted her time to producing an EP fully encompassing her journey. Couldn't Be Bothered is a tribute to the explorations of dating in your 20s while trying to find the greater purpose to life.

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