Stuart Elwin Releases 'Dreamscape'

Dec 03 2020

Musically, UK singer musician songwriter producer and engineer STUART ELWIN's latest album 'Dreamscape' is a homage to, and influenced by, his favourite artists and his favourite music genres and styles - drawing heavily on his love of 70/80s electronic/synth based music.

Lyrically, Stuart's songs have always been inspired by and draw on his own life experiences and beliefs as well as reflecting his sometimes surreal sense of humour and this latest album is no exception. The songs on “Dreamscape” explore the meaning and consequences of living out his life, faith and beliefs in today's world and his experiences of dealing with the world as someone who is registered blind - with a dash of his unique humour thrown in of course!

From the very beginning of the creative process for this album Stuart wanted the second half of the album to include some long atmospheric ambient synthesizer based instrumental pieces, just like side two (of the vinyl LPs) of some of his favourite albums from the 70s including the classic “Low” and “Heroes” from David Bowie's Berlin trilogy, Todd Rundgren's “Initiation” album also the early solo albums of Brian Eno. He also couldn’t resist doing a brilliant cover version of a classic song by another of his all-time favourite artists.

When you realise that everything you hear on the album is sung (with the exception of the female vocals!), played, programmed and recorded by Stuart, working totally unassisted in his compact home studio, then you realise what an awesome artistic achievement and statement this album is and what a talented, creative and imaginative artist Stuart is - especially for someone who is registered blind and has to do everything by feel, touch and sound!

All money earned from downloads and streams of the album will be split 50/50 between Guide Dogs for the Blind Association UK ( and Hartlepool Vision Support ( both of who have and do play an important part in Stuart’s life.

The first song on the album is also the lead off single. Setting out the tone and style of the album, ‘The Tongue Is A Fire’ is a commentary on the destructive force and harmful power that gossiping, spreading rumours and verbal bullying can have on people. Drawing lyrical inspiration from chapter 3 of the book of James in the New Testament of the Bible Stuart sets out to point people at the uplifting and affirming power of positive conversations, encouraging comments and kind words.

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