Chris Kardiac Releases 'Unconditional'

Jan 21 2021

Connecticut Artist and Vocalist Chris Kardiac releases his new single 'Unconditional'. The rapper entrepreneur was born and raised in the small town of Torrington, Connecticut. His early musical influences ranged from Fabolous to Ja Rule Busta Rhymes, Drake, and others.

In his EPK Chris, proclaims that Jesus helped him find his voice. "Jesus is the answer to why want to write all these songs." Early years Chris first got into music at age 12. A friend randomly called him and said “Let's be rappers.” It was one of his childhood friends that ignited his passion for music. The inspirational artist grew up listening to Fabulous and admired his lyrical wits and composition. He also admired the energetic live performances of Busta Rhymes and the all-rounded musical prowess of Drake.

Jesus is the reason Chris got born again in 2016, and for a while, was conflicted about music. He quit, but later he says, that as he grew in his walk with the Lord, he decided to pursue it for His glory. Chris believes that despite stardom one can still be driven by morals and values. He is doesn't call himself a gospel artist, but his faith is one of the things he is openly vocal about. Keep Ya Head Up Chris debuted his first hip hop album in 2017. The first single "Keep Ya Head Up feat. Breana Marin" reached 5,000+. This represented his first change of direction following 12 years of being a secular artist.

In February 2018 Chris released Warriors, a collaboration album with artist and cousin Derrick Marquis. This project received positive reviews in both secular and Christian hip-hop categories. He followed up with several secular cyphers glorifying Jesus Christ. 2020 was a notable year for Chris with viral success on social media and his new single Beam, featuring QuesThorough & Daramola. Beamed topped 23,000 views on YouTube. With Beam, Chris reminds us that there's power in simplicity and a catchy chorus. Beam is a masterpiece reflecting faith, hope, and determination. Awards In 2020 Chris was awarded the winner of a competition on Kickin Radio. He also got voted the artist of the week on Rapzilla.

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