Interview: Jesslyn McCutcheon

Feb 01 2021

Jesslyn McCutcheon is a Contemporary Christian singer, songwriter and speaker from King, NC. Louder Than The Music caught up with her again to find out about her new project 'RUN' and the stirring story behind the emotional video to the song 'Hang On' featured on the EP.

You're just releasing a new EP titled 'Run', tell us a bit about that and the inspiration behind it?

The inspiration behind ‘Run’ was coming from a person (me) who has had a changed heart and relationship with Jesus. My weights have been lifted. I finally get that you don’t have to carry the burden all on you own. When you realize that God doesn’t just want some of you but ALL of you and you can give that to Him, your life changes. You change. Your heart changes. My days are better when I start them and end them with Jesus. Everything is better with Jesus.

Which is your favorite track on the EP and why?

'Hang On'. We all go through difficult seasons in our life and sometimes we don’t know how long those seasons are going to be. During these times we have to remember we have a faithful God who is not going to leave us and if you can ‘hang on’ God has you in the palm of His hands and will see you through. You got to give it to Him. Every last bit. You may feel like you have lost everything, you are hanging by a thread. I am here to tell you that your current situation can get better. Don’t give up hope. Keep fighting but fight with God right by you.

You've also released a very moving video for 'Hang On' featuring homeless people on the streets - what was it like filming that video and what message do you hope to convey with it?

We filmed parts of that video in downtown Winston-Salem, NC. One of the coolest things that happened when filming that day was a group of guys walking by that Saturday morning and asked what we were doing. They ended up being a group of men, one even a pastor from Uganda , who every other Saturday go around the city praying over people. They prayed over this video and that it would help those who needed to see it and hear it. It was a complete God send and my emotions overwhelm me every time I get to tell the story. The message is having hope for a better tomorrow. I know what it feels like to feel such deep pain because of a current situation you are in. You feel like the pain is never going to end. I know what it feels like to be silent and not feel like anyone is going to understand. No matter what you are facing in life if you can lay it all down at the feet of Jesus, I promise He will decide what your future holds and not your current situation. He is not going to let you drown. There will come a day where you can feel like you can breathe again. If God can create a whole earth in 6 days, He can take your problems, your pain, your suffering and use your brokenness to help others. There was a time in my life where I just couldn’t see it, I had lost hope. But boy do I see it now and I pray others can also.

Last time we spoke to you was after your previous album 'On The Edge', how would you say this new EP differs from that release?

‘On The Edge’ was written during a very hard season. I had taken a relapse in my mental health and writing that album helped me get through that time. ‘Run’ is all about not being able to keep the love I have for Jesus and what He has done for my life silent any longer. ‘Run’ is about when you don’t know what to do, then ‘ run’ right into His arms. The album is about the unconditional love of a father who knows you, holds you, and is never going to let you or I go. For all that He has done for my life, the very least I can do is to share His goodness with others the best way that I know how.

You've been very open about the medical problems you've suffered with, how is your health now, and how have you overcome the difficulties you've faced?

I have never felt more free than I do now. Yes, I have to maintain a medical treatment plan for my health but my main medicine is Jesus. Adding Him was what I needed to do from the very beginning. Honestly, I am very happy and I feel really good.

How have you been coping through the recent lockdowns due to the covid pandemic, and has that impacted how you approached this EP?
Any top tips for staying positive and surviving the pandemic?!

I think it’s fair to say the covid pandemic has impacted most of our lives and how we used to live to how we live now. Comfort levels have changed. Personal lives have changed. Restaurants have changed. The list goes on. The one thing that has not changed, God. He is forever constant. If this EP project can bring just one person closer to Jesus, glory to God! Tips for staying positive. Be kind to yourself, treat others as you would like to be treated, and show love to a world that right now needs it more than ever.

Aside from your own music, what have you been listening to lately?

I am in love with the new Zach Williams song, 'Less Like Me'. I also have had some serious praise and worship time with 'Graves Into Gardens' by Brandon Lake and Elevation Worship. Who doesn’t love the beat of the drums in that song? If makes me want to pretend like I am playing the drums! And when I just need a pick me up, Natalie Grants new album, ’No Stranger’ does just that.

What are your hopes for 2021?

That we can show love to our brothers and sisters. That love is the only answer that solves hate. That we understand this world is a temporary home but there is an eternal home waiting that will last forever.

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