Ruth A Harris Releases Personal Song 'Spacious Place'

Nov 11 2021

Ruth A Harris, an emerging singer songwriter, composer, self producer from Birmingham UK, has released her latest single 'Spacious Place'. The song was written in the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic, and is a window into a very personal journey through struggle, uncertainty and faith.

"For many, 'lockdown' was an intense experience of isolation, however for others, it became a place where the world seemed to stop with them. I was one of those people, I found that lockdown became a catalyst for the beginning of my creative journey", explains Ruth. "I felt that I had been brought into a wide open space, where I felt I had room to rest, breathe, hope once more. 'Spacious Place' is a reflection of this journey, and a reminder to me that through the difficult times and uncertainty God is by my side, even when it doesn't all make sense. My hope is that the song will encourage those whose journeys are similar, and to those who need the reminder that they are not alone."

Ruth is a wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. She is passionate about communication and everything she creates comes from a place of wanting to "give voice" to whatever is being written about, whether experiences, emotions, situations or people - to give the listener a "me too" moment. She writes with the aim of creating music that touches the places deep within those who listen.

"I believe that music can reach the places within us that very little else can reach. It's a powerful voice to communicate the things that have no words, a catalyst for memories, processing grief, bringing joy, hope & transformation - No life should be without it! I'm inspired by all kinds of music, am exploring what my sound is and what my abilities are as a musician. My aim is to be the best I can be at whatever I do. I am a person of deep faith, and write from this perspective; sometimes you'll hear it; sometimes you won't! Join me on the journey!"

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