Eldereke Releases 'Lord I Need a Miracle'

May 24 2022

Elder Eke Onuma, known as Eldereke and resident of Maryland, United States, a Nigerian-American Songwriter and Christian Gospel Artist/Preacher, has released his first single 'Lord I Need a Miracle'.

Eldereke has a strong belief and faith in the unchanging power of God to turn lives and situations around for the best (not just better). He is an ardent believer in the gospel of salvation as a total package including healing.

His first Single "Lord I need a miracle" expresses this unequivocal faith in our Lord Jesus Christ to heal, not only the sick in the body, but to turn around any situation that is at variance to the expectation of any child of God.

'Lord I need a miracle' by Eldereke focus on total dependence and surrender to God - "Lord I lay at your feet.... Send your word now, Touch me Lord now, Only you can heal me Lord now" This song is a petition that could be used by any one in heart cry for our heavenly Father's intervention.

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