Red - Until We Have Faces
Last modified: 23 Mar 2011

Red - Until We Have Faces
Nashville based hard rockers Red have released their latest album 'Until We Have Faces'. The band are made up of vocalist Michael Barnes, guitarist Anthony Armstrong, bassist Randy Armstrong and drummer Joe Rickard. The new album was produced by award-winning producer Rob Graves who the band have a long standing working relationship with. The album's theme is about searching for true identity, with inspiration coming from C.S Lewis' book 'Til We Have Faces'.

What grabs your attention from the start is the hard hitting music, each instrument is turned up loud and ready to rock. Heavy distortion rings out in the opening tracks Feed The Machine and Faceless, overlay that with the screaming hard vocals of Michael Barnes and you can start to grasp the sound of Red.

This albums has some really strong tracks, but the one song that jumped out for me was Let It Burn. With a big powerful hard hitting chorus, this song starts off soft and slow in comparison to the rest of the album, but apart from being a very clever song, the lyrics are very hard hitting as Michael sings "I watch the city burn, These dreams like ashes float away, Your voice I never heard, Only silence, Where were you when our hearts were bleeding, Where were you when it all crashed down". For me what I got out of that, and I could be totally off the mark, was are we going to sit back and not say/do anything as Christian when there is so much pain and suffering in our world?

For every big rock song like Watch You Crawl, which has hints of Placebo, and The Outside, there is a soft rock song like Not Alone which is a heartfelt softer tune about God being with you always. Then there is the closing piano-led track Hymn For The Missing, a song that will bring a tear to your eye. 

If heavy hard rock is your genre of music, Until We Have Faces is an album worth checking out. The hard hitting lyrics that rings out through the songs show that this isn't a band masking their creativity with big distorted guitars, this is a band who have written down words that mean something to them and maybe something to you too.

Review by Jono Davies

Standout Tracks
Let It Burn
Not Alone
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