Matthew West Launches 'The Motions' Campaign

Apr 06 2009

Celebrated singer/songwriter Matthew West has initiated a national campaign around his song "The Motions." Matthew West's current radio hit has become the buzz among fan circles who are rallying behind the song at radio, retail and online.

In response to the song's popularity, West created a music video for "The Motions," which premiered online at last week. The video has already received 86,000 plays and will be serviced to national video outlets later this month. Additionally, exclusive devotions around the song have been featured on major web sites including,, and

And to help further connect listeners with the message behind "The Motions," West has developed a devoted web page,, for fans to voice their commitment to "avoid the trap of simply going through the motions." More than 800 have shared their "Motions Resolution," and many have commented on how the song has changed their way of thinking.

"'The Motions' came from a very real place, inspired by my own struggle to rise above the lukewarm Christian life," says West. "The overwhelming response to the song has showed me that people everywhere are tired of just going through the motions of their lives. This is what led us to create an online community at my website, a place where we can join in the journey together. Every day I visit the 'Motions' community, and I am blown away by the hundreds of people who have been inspired to rise above whatever their circumstances may be, and say 'I will not go through the motions.'"

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