Jason Gray - A Way To See In The Dark
Last modified: 02 Sep 2011

Jason Gray - A Way To See In The Dark
A Way To See In The Dark is the new album from talented songwriter Jason Gray. Calling on the help of friend and producer of the moment Jason Ingram, together they have put together 12 very strong tracks. Jason Gray and producer Jason Ingram both worked together on the album Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue which was a major success. These guys have again joined forces to rekindle the magic of that last album for this new release, and be sure to know that their magic is still there.

Jason Gray spent six years in youth ministry before going full time in 1999 as an independent artist. He then went on to release four independent albums before being signed to Centricity Records for his first major release All The Lovely Losers. That label describe Jason's new album A Way To See In The Dark as "a thought-provoking collection of artful, emotional and radio-friendly tunes that achieve a high level of accessibility without sacrificing any of Gray's personality or creativity." I can certainly see why they describe the album like this.

It can be easy to pigeonhole people in genre and style and it would be poor journalism for me to do this with Jason. Just to say he is an acoustic rock singer is too easy, although technically I would be correct. What Jason has managed to do with his acoustic rock sound is produce songs that are fuller, bigger and bolder than anything he has written before. This of course has been helped by the talents of producer Jason Ingram, but you can not get away from the fact that Jason Gray is back ready to say something new and fresh.

Opening with the foot taping Remind Me Who I Am, Jason has included a lot of synth sounds to add texture to this marching-beat of a song. The End Of Me draws more on the sound we have come accustomed to with Jason, as he sings with his alluring voice "I found peace like a river to attend my soul". But it's not until No Thief Like Fear that we hear a slightly darker side to Jason's songwriting, dealing with what fear can do to a person. Hearing Jason sing "Let down your guard and it will steal your heart" you get a real awareness of the meaning regarding this song, enhanced by a chorus that has a sense of urgency within it. Towards the end of the song Jason goes on to declare that God can deal with anything including fear: "I am free, I'm Free, Oh My God has set me free, from these chains I am released for My God has set me free".

During the track Without Running Away we hear the great songsmith that Jason is, with clever and engrossing, almost haunting, guitar work in this song. The music and lyrics intertwine beautifully. This album does have a dark side to it lyrically, dealing with issues of being in a dark place, but still holding onto God in the dark times and I suppose that's why the album is called what it is.

It took a while for this album to grow on me, not because they are bad songs or 'growers', but it took me a good few listens to get what the message and themes of the album were trying to convey. Once I got that, and sat back and took in the songs as they were, I understood what Jason is trying to do with this album. Even when we are in hard times and dark places, God is still there, and the album couldn't end with a better song that sums that up than Jesus We Are Grateful. With Jason repeating the words "Thank You, Thank You Jesus we are grateful, Thank you ohhh Thank you Jesus we are Yours". A perfect way to end a stunning album.

Review by Jono Davies

Standout Tracks
Good To Be Alive
No Thief Like Fear
Without Running Away
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