David Crowder Band - Give Us Rest...
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David Crowder Band - Give Us Rest...
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David Crowder Band announced back in May that they would be ending in early 2012 following the release of their final ever album. And now we get to say goodbye to one of the most creative Christian bands ever, with their final release 'Give Us Rest or (A Requiem Mass in C [The Happiest of All Keys])'.

This band have been around for years and have become favorites of many. Over the years the band's accolades have included being named among the "most thoughtful, progressive and exciting acts in contemporary Christian music" by The New York Times, receiving a Grammy nomination for their 2009 album 'Church Music', which debuted at Number 1 on the Christian retail chart and Number 11 on the Billboard Top 200. The band were also the first Christian artist to be named's Artist of the Year in 2006.

The album opens up with what sounds like someone walking through a windy village with church bells ringing in the background, a very weird start to any album, but this is one band who have never done things normally. The first we hear from the band, and the very distinctive vocal of frontman David Crowder, is the line "Oh great God give us rest...". It is sung with such feeling that you genuinely feel he wants a rest. With a piano and vocal this is more of a heartfelt opener than just the album title song. Half way through the song it takes a new turn and we are soon back into the David Crowder Band sound that we have come to know.

It would be silly for me to review every track as this album is so long, being two albums worth of songs and a staggering 34 tracks, we could be here for a long time if I did. I will try and pick some high points of the album and an overview. There is also a part of me that doesn't want to get this review wrong and miss out on an album that has so much. And that has to be the main point of the album, that 'Give us Rest' isn't your customary Christian album, there are even times when this album doesn't flow as well as say 'Church Music' did, but with so much going on I can forgive these guys.

Come Find Me is a happy song, then on the flip side God Have Mercy is a darker synth led track with a repeated cry of "Ohh God have mercy... God have Mercy", and lyrically that really is it, with the powerful tone of the song this really captures a different cry to God that some artist might not want to try and convey. Why Me? is a very traditional country/acoustic song, with some nice guitar picking adding to the olde town guitar feel.

I don't know if this is the right phrase for these songs, but Let Me feel You Shine and Fall On Your Knees are more traditionally sounding David Crowder Band songs, what I mean is they are more radio friendly. With the tempo of both being on the faster side and big choruses that show us why we will miss this band. Blessedness Of Everlasting sounds a little bit like 'The Benefit of Mr Kite' by The Beatles, with its eerie twirling circus-esq sounds, a very interesting song to stick towards the end of the first CD.

Oh My God has the popular Mumford sound to it and is a great track with a simple yet passion filled chorus of "Oh my God....OHHHHH my God...", the similar heart pounding modern country sound continues with I Am A Seed. But the track of the second album has to be After All (Holy), there is something that is very heartfelt and simple about this song that really spoke to me, declaring God being holy really is such a powerful topic to sing about. The album ends in sublime fashion and, of course, in a unusual way, which is what we have come to expect from these guy. An acoustic version of Because He Lives, which sounds like a mic was put in the middle of the room and these guys are just worshiping the true living God, a beautiful and honest way to end any album.

I'm going to sound like a real party pooper with this comment, as this band have worked so hard to put this collection of songs together. But actually I think this album would be much improved if actually some tracks were sifted down a little. There will be many of you calling out 'you're missing the point'. Yes I do love all the clever interesting bits of this album and the beauty of the musicality in the closing 7 tracks from the first CD, which are truly stunning and something that I haven't heard any Christian rock band try before. I just wish it was made a little shorter.

As a piece of musical art, for a band to close their time off as being one of the best creative bands in the world, then 'Give me Rest' is a truly stunning piece of music and will be enjoyed by everyone who hears it. I'm sure everyone will find their own gems on this stunning album. Let me end by saying... David Crowder Band thank you for the songs and for pushing the sound of Christian Music to places that we never expected it to go.

Review by Jono Davies

Standout Tracks
Let me Feel You Shine
Oh My God
After All (Holy)
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