Britt Nicole - Gold
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Britt Nicole - Gold
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Having described Britt Nicole in a previous album review as having "a beautiful voice that has probably be honed to perfection... and now portrays soul, attitude and passion in all the right places", this statement clearly remains true as her latest offering 'Gold' proves.

Opening up with happy-go-lucky title track Gold, this album screams pop music with a positive message, with the words "Stick & Stones will break your bones, I know what you are feeling" and even added little Britt rap. This has all the elements of the perfect pop song.

Describing the style and sound of music that Britt is portraying is easy, think Jessie J, Kelly Clarkson, The Cast of Glee, Katy Perry and you will know what she sounds like. The album's second track All The Time is a power ballad that could easily have been in a episode of Glee sung by Katy Perry.

The pop feel of the album continues with Look Like Love, Who You Say You Are and Ready or Not, mixing between happy pop songs that will get you singing to powerful ballads that tell a story. Breakthrough is a little bit edgier as a track than previous songs on the album, sounding a bit like a Rhianna track.

This album has some beautiful tender moments too, and none can be more tender and emotional than the track The Sun Is Rising. Britt sings so softly "You're gonna make it, You're gonna make it... Whatever you're facing, if your heart is breaking, there's the promise for the ones who just hold on...". A great message intertwined with a great pop ballad.

There are so many female artists around at the moment, producing great albums, meaning this isn't an easy genre to stand out from. But with this collection of songs Britt does just that, mixing together pop songs, dance sounding songs and big emotional ballads very well. These songs are all contain positive messages about being young and dealing with the hardships of life. Britt doesn't necessarily go over anything new lyrically, but what she does do is make great pop songs that people will relate to and hopefully help people out when they are dealing with life's trials.

Review by Jono Davies

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