Ooberfuse - Seventh Wave
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Ooberfuse - Seventh Wave
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One of the most interesting Christian bands around at the moment are Ooberfuse who just keep jumping up with intriguing yet interesting sounds that you wouldn't expect from a Christian band. 

The electro-pop band gained national exposure in the mainstream press when their song 'Heart's Cry' was chosen as the official youth anthem of the Pope's three day visit to the UK a few years ago.

The album that followed was the amazing 'Still Love My Enemies', which received rave reviews. Now the band are about to release their latest offering titled 'Seventh Wave which from first listen is a massive jump forward in quality and style.

From the opening dance beat of the first single 'Call My Name' you know you're going to get quality Christian dance music. Without trying too hard, lead singer Cherrie Anderson blasts out this dance anthem in perfect style. "Take me and break and never forsake me, hold me and fold me and forever I don't want to let go. I hear you call my name". This song sounds a bit more mainstream pop than their previous album, but you can tell this is a band who don't want to just stand still. A brilliant opening track.

Now, stay with me on this one, the second track on the album Love Is The Seventh Wave is an OK tune. But when you look to the last track of the album, called Love Is The Seventh Wave Club Mix, that is by far a superior version of the song. The club mix is stunning and probably would work better next to 'Call My Name', not that I am here to say how track listings should work! But I just love the club mix of this track so much.

Like The Sun and Knife In My Heart are slower more atmospheric dance songs. The latter track is about a cry of real pain and anguish, and the chorus is very powerful "It's like a knife in my heart, and I'm gasping for air. I am barely breathing, As I say this prayer". Some really powerful imagery, and this can be said for a lot of the songs on this Ooberfuse album.

After having taken a bit of a mellow edge for a while, the dance club feel of the opening two songs kicks back into life with the amazing Starless Midnight. This for me shows Ooberfuse off in their best light.

Another one of the Ooberfuse traits that should be complimented is how they use great lyrics with dramatic music. This is shown perfectly in the song Rescue which is so powerful that words can't describe how amazing it is. Another single that the band released was Blood Cries Out which has a real sense of urgency and I still can't work out how the band can create such drama in all their songs.

With Ooberfuse, don't expect the normal sounds you might usually hear. This band mix dance music, rock music and even theatrical music into their album. For me, 'Seventh Wave' is a massive step up from their last album. You will be left out of breathe and like you have been pulled through the mill with this album. Why? It's so dramatic at times that I felt I was part of the issues on the album. Which means the album does what it set out to do. Have a listen see what you think.

Review by Jono Davies

Standout Tracks
Call My Name
Love Is The Seventh Wave - Club Mix
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