Moriah Peters - I Choose Jesus
Last modified: 29 Aug 2012

Moriah Peters - I Choose Jesus
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I may know very little about Moriah Peters, but here she is with her new album titled 'I Choose Jesus'. Sometimes the best place to start with a vocalist is to know nothing about what they've done before, so you have no preconceived ideas about what or how the singer should sound.

I wouldn't describe Moriah as bubblegum pop, that would be unfair. Yet she does have a very pop-feel to her music. I would describe her as sounding a bit like fellow female vocalists Kari Jobie and Audrey Assad.

What I like most about this album is the sweet tone of Moriah's voice, this works very well in the songs that have a jazz element. When British artist Amy Winehouse burst onto the scene she had this happy-go-lucky jazz feel to her music and that same tone comes over during Moriah's opening few tracks, 'Know Us By Your Love' and 'Well Done'.

The track I Choose Jesus, for me, swaps from the happy pop sound to a more modern worship sound. With some wonderful worshipful lyrics, Moriah's voice makes the lyrics of "I Choose Jesus, I Choose Jesus, The One who first chose me" feel more poignant.

The whole album is actually full of very pleasant songs, sung with Moriah's mellifluous voice that you can not help but like. Even if you're a rock lover or a dance raver, this is music that doesn't offend. The album has a mix of songs directly about Jesus and His love, to songs that have very positive messages about living a good life. It's taken me a whole review to work out who I think she sounds like, and it's Philippa Hanna who as you may know, I think very highly of as an artist. They both have rich and wonderful harmonious voices that you could just listen to all day. Great album.

Review by Jono Davies

Standout Tracks
Well Done
I Choose Jesus
All The Ways He Loves Us
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