Anberlin - Vital
Last modified: 23 Jan 2014

Anberlin - Vital
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American rock band Anberlin have just released their sixth studio album Vital. The album was produced by Aaron Sprinkle (Deftones, Hawk Nelson, Jeremy Camp) who frontman Stephen Christian credits with helping to inject even more electronic elements into the mix.

Vital is a hard hitting album from the off, with a big brash velocity to it. Opening track Self-starter has guitars screaming at you through the song, and with vocals doing the same you can't deny that this singer is using every last inch of energy he has.

This continues into the catchier Little Tyrants, which again lets the guitars and drums do a lot of the work to fully push the distorted noise levels to the loudest.

For the first time we hear a different side to the album as Other Side starts off a bit slower, with the use of synths. But it's not too long until this turns into a rock ballad. This one has to be one of my favorite tracks on the album.

Someone Anyone and Intentions moves more into the chart rock sound. If I had to compare this to anything, it would be the new Killer album. If the album started off with more of a rock element, producer Aaron Sprinkle's electronic influence comes through more as the album moves on, none more so than in the ballad Innocent.

One moment you have an out and out rock track like Desires, and the next moment you have a more synth electro rock song like Type Three. I actually like most tracks on this album, but it feels like there are two albums trying to burst out. It might have been good to make this into an A & B album, as I think some songs don't actually fit next to each other. But the album does show a band who is trying to move forward with different sounds and styles, and at times it's those songs that I prefer. These songs feel fresher and this must be commended. I just feel like the band have tried to mix two different styles into one album and hoped it worked. So close, but not perfect yet.

Review by Jono Davies

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