Darlene Zschech - Revealing Jesus
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Darlene Zschech - Revealing Jesus
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Darlene Zschech has been recording albums for longer than I can remember. Her last album 'You Are Love' was for me one of her best solo albums to date.

Now Darlene is back with a new album titled 'Revealing Jesus, A Live Worship Experience' which was produced by Israel Houghton and features guest vocals from Kari Jobe. 

The CD/DVD was recorded live at the end of September 2012 at the Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama.

The album explodes into life with opening track God Is Here. This high energy rock worship track has a great verve and spirit that drives this track. The song declares that God is in the room with the worshippers at the live event, and the catchy chorus of "God Is Here, God Is Here" sets the tone perfectly for a time of exploring God.

The high energy guitar sound continues into 'Best For Me'. Darlene lets the rock side of worship burst out on this powerful second track. I dare you not to end up joining in with the chanting lyrics, "There's no one like You Jesus, There's no one like You Jesus". There's something very tribal about the chorus on this one.

'In Jesus' Name' is an epic ten-minute long track, opening with a drum beat and everyone clapping along to this pounding track. You kind of expect epic tracks to be quiet reflective songs that build at the right places. But this is a bit different. The song itself is a very powerful energetic number, then around the 6 minute mark Darlene speaks about healing, calling on people to pray. Then the song builds back into a wonderful worship song that explores the theme that in the name of Jesus anything is possible.

Your Presence Is Heaven is one of those songs that you just listen to and let wash over you, words can't describe it but the line "You're the cup that will not run dry" seemed to jump out at me and hit deep within my soul. The same could be said about the track 'Victor's Crown', there is something amazing about those two songs together on the album.

The track 'Yours Forever' has a big U2 sounding guitar opening, well any guitar with a bit of reverb gets compared to a U2 track. Moving on. This track features the brilliant Kari Jobe, who for me is one of the best modern female singers around at the moment. On this track both female vocalists work together to create a beautiful yet punchy worship song.

It takes until track 8, 'Magnificent', until we see the softer and more elegant side of Darlene's music. There is a soft hymn-like lullaby feel to this track, such a sweet worship sound that you could almost hear a pin drop as everything seems so still in the live recording. The song has a real sense of the stillness of God's love.

The album ends with the track Jesus At The Center, beginning with just a piano that sounds very classical before the rock worship sound bursts out as the song builds into a another brilliant declaration worship song. Darlene sings this one from her soul like nothing else matters, and that's what you want to hear from any singer when you purchase their album.

Time after time Darlene records some truly epic songs, and this album is no different. Fans will love this album as it has the real live 'feel' to it that sometimes is missing on other live worship albums. Darlene writes songs that tell the world what God does with His mighty power, and 'Revealing Jesus' has track after track of heartfelt, passionate, soul wrenching powerful worship songs.

Review by Jono Davies

Standout Tracks
You Presence Is Heaven
In Jesus' Name
Jesus At The Center
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