Elevation Worship - Nothing Is Wasted
Last modified: 08 Mar 2013

Elevation Worship - Nothing Is Wasted
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The latest album from Elevation Worship is 'Nothing Is Wasted'. 
Basically this is a double album with two iterations of the same songs. 'The Experience', which was recorded at a night of worship with the people of the church, and 'The Sessions', a studio version of the same songs where they took the arrangements to a different place creatively.

This concept is a great idea. Sometimes live albums aren't the most creative of albums, but when a song is taken into the studio you can spend time working out different sounds and styles to create the definitive version. So depending on the mood you are in, you can experience this album in two different styles.

After listening to both sides of the album, I was drawn to reviewing the studio side of the album. This isn't saying the live setting isn't good, I just felt that the creative side of Elevation Worship is well worth looking into more as they have done a fantastic job.

The opening track 'Give Us Rest' sounds out of this world. If you're looking for spine-tingling worship songs, then look no further than this album. As with all worship albums, you expect the lyrics to talk about God, Grace and His power. But what is so amazing about this album is that the melodic lines of the songs just flow like a river of praise to God.

Elevation Worship haven't been scared to move with the times in regards to styles of sound. Most of the modern worship bands are being influenced with what is happening in the secular music world at the moment. The uses of atmospheric synths is all over this album, none more so than in the tracks Be Lifted High and Unchanging God. I like bands who don't just sit on their laurels, but are willing to move with the times.

There are so many great musical moments on this studio side of the album, it's hard to pin point the best part of the album. But tracks like Nothing Is Wasted and Lift Us Out are just brilliant.

Another stand out track on the album is the studio version of Open Up Your Eyes. The whole sound of the song is different to the live version. Firstly the vocalist is female instead of the male used on the live version, which changes the whole sound of the song. But musically the song is a complete turn around. This version is much more creative, with guitar sounds being pushed in a different direction, and I just wish these electric synths and guitar sounds appeared on the live version too.

This double album feels like two very different albums, but at the same time, together they complete the picture. As a collection of songs both albums could be released and would be a great success on their own. As much as I did enjoy worshipping with the live album, the studio album pushes the creative boundary a little bit more - and for me, I love hearing worship music sound this way. A great double album, with great worship songs performed in two very different ways.

Review by Jono Davies

Standout Tracks
Lift us Out
Great In Us
Be Lifted High
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