Natalie Grant - Hurricane
Last modified: 16 Dec 2013

Natalie Grant - Hurricane
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Grammy-nominated, five-time Dove Award winning Female Artist of the Year Natalie Grant has released her highly anticipated new album, 'Hurricane'.

Based on her own real-life experiences, Grant voices, for the first time, her struggle with post-partum depression after the birth of her third child, her feelings of inadequacy when it comes to parenting; her feelings of guilt over the ceaseless balance of work, family, motherhood and faith.

This modern pop album opens with the dance inspired Closer To Your Heart, which has a very catchy chorus, but it's during tracks like Hurricane that Natalie lets her heart out lyrically.

As we read earlier, the album deals with Natalie's own struggles, and this talented singer is brave enough to dig deep into her soul and write these songs, but as is with the track For All Of Us she holds onto what God has done for us.

The album musically mixes together very modern dance tracks with pop sounds and beautiful ballads. The piano led Burn Bright is one of those songs where you are just left speechless after you hear it. This album is full of those beautiful moments that sparkle musically out into your heart.

Natalie has a great voice that you just get drawn into. The moment you hear the songs and the vocals, you just have a smile on your face. This album is honest, yet has this sweet beauty flowing through all the songs. This must have taken some bottle to do, but Natalie has produced one classy album.

Review by Jono Davies

Standout Tracks
Dead Alive
Burn Bright
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