World Renowned Singer/Songwriter Lenny Smith Releases 'You Are My Hiding Place'

Jul 13 2017

Lenny Smith, the gospel singer/songwriter of the world-renown song, 'Our God Reigns', who has been singing and writing music since 1970, has released his third album 'You Are My Hiding Place' on Great Comfort Records. The album was produced by Lenny's son Daniel C. Smith who has produced for Sufjan Stevens, Steve Taylor, Half-Japanese, Jad Fair, and others.

"You Are My Hiding Place contains songs written between 1971 and 2000", explains Lenny. "When I listen to these songs, I can remember the various places we lived, the different jobs I had, the several churches we attended, the many stages of life through which we were passing. But through it all, one thing remains the same for me: I have loved God, the Scriptures and singing to the Lord since I was very young, maybe 7 or 8. Over the years I learned that some songs take me to heaven. In “Teach Me, My God,” I plead with God to show me some of those songs. In “There Is A River,” I claim that running through my own being is a flowing of supply that will never run dry. Bring a bucket. We all have hard times, at times, and it is o.k. to retreat for a while and lick our wounds and get refreshed and put on clean clothes in My Hiding Place. When we emerge, we shine like the suns that we really are. O Happy Day!

People think they are pretty much on their own. Maybe family and a few friends can help, but it’s mostly me taking care of me and mine. None of that is true. In YOU ARE MY TRUE SHEPHERD, we are reminded that we are taken care of, we are safe and secure, all our needs are being met, all our dreams are on their way, every prayer is answered with a “yes,” not a “maybe.” We are members of a huge estate and we do have a caretaker. “City, O City” celebrates the fact that we are the very body of Christ. We are already one with our Father. “Eyes Have Not Seen” all the supply and joy and peace we have available now, but our spirits have seen it all and our spirits are enjoying it already. We can join that party.

“Ask Me Not To Leave You” reminds me of our tendency to say “I’m out of here,” when our wills are crossed or our opinions are contradicted or we are dissed in some way. We have all been hurt. Running, however, always takes us with us. Only love can quench the fire of hurtful words and misdeeds. Just stay, the skirmish will pass and peace will seep through again, somehow. After all, all is really well.

So many people are enamored of their pastors and teachers. If you actually lived in their houses and saw what they were really like, you would be much better off, you would become, thankfully, disillusioned. The only one who is to be our teacher and pastor is The One. Others are helpful, but only to point to The One. “Tell Me... where do You pasture Your flock?” Jesus has His own flock, and there is some room there for just one more.

I love these mysteries that Jesus is always talking about. They are hard to understand. But, if it is true (and it is) that ALL things are working for my good, then I AM the happiest of men. I especially like the word, “all.”

The last song on this album is “With All My Heart.” It is a joyous acclamation that I trust You, Lord, because You are trustworthy. YOU DO IT, I will help, but You work it out, You take care of this for me, You open the door, You send the surprise check, You cause my boss to see my real value, You take care of these debts, because, after all, they are YOUR debts. You are my source and my supply. I want that “yoke that is easy and light.” Is that wrong of me?"

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