Blog: Best Delirious? Album Poll Results - No. 7: The Mission Bell

Jul 18 2017

Voted in at Number 7 in the LTTM Best Delirious? album Poll is 'The Mission Bell'.

Title:The Mission Bell
Released:27 Dec 2005 (US) 07 Nov 2005 (UK)

Track Listing:
1. Stronger
2. Now Is The Time
3. Solid Rock
4. All This Time
5. Miracle Maker
6. Here I Am
7. Fires Burn
8. Our God Reigns
9. Love Is A Miracle
10. Paint The Town Red
11. Take Off My Shoes
12. I See You

Jono's Standout Tracks:
Miracle Maker
Our God Reigns

Dave's Standout Tracks:
Take Off My Shoes
Miracle Maker
Here I Am

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