Blog: Best Delirious? Album Poll Results - No. 5: Kingdom Of Comfort

Jul 20 2017

Voted in at Number 5 in the LTTM Best Delirious? album Poll is 'Kingdom Of Comfort'.

Title:Kingdom Of Comfort
Released:01 Apr 2008

Track Listing:
1. Kingdom Of Comfort
2. God Is Smiling
3. Give What You've Got
4. Love Will Find A Way
5. Eagle Rider
6. We Give You Praise
7. How Sweet The Name
8. Wonder
9. Break The Silence
10. Stare The Monster Down
11. All God's Children
12. My Soul Sings
13. We Give You Praise (radio Mix)

Jono's Standout Tracks:
Give What You've Got
How Sweet The Name
Stare The Monster Down

Dave's Standout Tracks:
My Soul Sings
Break The Silence

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