Katy Kinard Releases Christmas Single 'Human For Me'

Dec 04 2017

Singer/songwriter, pianist, and guitarist Katy Kinard has released her Christmas single 'Human For Me'.

Katy Kinard told herself she would only write a Christmas song if she had something to say other than what's already been written about the Christmas story. One day it occurred to her just how human Jesus must have had to have been. If He had skipped ahead at all in the normal process of human development, or if He had been doing "God tricks" to make things easier for Him growing up, everyone would have known His secret before it was time. Herod would have been all over that, and the riveting conspiracy and chase would have happened too soon. Did He "keep up appearances by pretending" until his 30's? Or, being God, was He also truly, patiently human throughout the entire process, inspiring us as we realize just how human He chose to be?

Katy is a faith-driven lyricist who lives in the space between trust and doubt, simplicity and cynicism. Her influences range from the vocal and lyrical styles of Nichole Nordeman and Natalie Merchant, to the playful conversational style of David Wilcox, within the pop/rock and folk genres.

Katy attended Belmont University in Nashville, TN, where she studied Commercial Music and Music Business. She claims last year's #1 song on the "Christian Music in English" International charts ("When You Found Me"), winner of the 2013 International CWIMA showcase, the ‘09 International Acoustic Music Awards folk and Americana categories, the '09 Independent Music Awards Popular Vote, and Embassy Music's regional choice.

She works alongside Be Loud Agency organizing tours in multiple states and has recorded and co-produced four albums: “Headed Back” (2005), “You're Still Better” (2007), “Lullaby Hymns: the weary soul" (2010); and her latest: “God of Fireflies” (2016)

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