Eppic Releases New Single '15 Rounds' Ahead of EP

Feb 13 2018

Hip hop artist Eppic from Los Angeles, California, has just released his new single '15 Rounds'. Eppic plans to release a new EP titled 'Identity' soon.

"15 rounds is about a hero needing a hero", explains Eppic. "I wrote this during one of the lowest points of my life where I needed God because I was trying to take everything on myself. I was thinking about the moments where my favorite superheroes couldn't defeat the villain and needed someone to come help and save them. We can try and take on the world alone, but the outcome usually ends poorly. The style of this song is a mixture between hip hop meets Django Unchained."

Eppic has toured the US and Europe and supported pop star, Jason Derulo, and YouTube phenomenon, Lindsey Stirling. "Be a light. Speak truth. Change lives" is the message he delivers to his listeners with hope that they will walk away challenged and inspired.

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