Revival Worship Movement Re-Release 'Untainted Love'

Feb 22 2018

Revival Worship Movement have re-released their 'Untainted Love' single, the follow-up single to 'Child of God'.

Describing the track, the group says, "So what happens when you gather CBN News, a Grammy Award Nominated / Stellar Award-winning singer, along with those who are rich, poor, Black White, and Hispanic? Are you still guessing? Also add in worship leaders from various churches and denomintations, along with a Christian Worship Band (Revival Worship Movement).

Now gather them together in one room for corporate worship. Something truly AMAZING transpires! You can STRONGLY feel the presence of God as Revival Worship Movement, and company, sing about God's UNTAINTED LOVE for us, as we bridge racial divide!"

"We have all been there, having an expectancy of love, only to have it fall short of what we were expecting. Whether it has been in romantic relationships, friendships, or personal relationships in general, we have all felt it at some point during our lives. So what do we do? Abandon our relationships? Back down, because of our disappointments? As human beings, we allow our love to become tainted with failed expectations; but what if I shared a story with you... A story of a love that won't let go or back down?"

Revival’s founder and CEO Terrance Howell has gone from writing tickets, to writing songs. A former police officer Terrance now works as an independent musician, producer and promoter. The former police officer launched his music career out of a vision from God and personal passion.

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