Lily-Jo Releasing New EP And Single Titled 'Sway'

Jul 24 2018

UK independent artist Lily-Jo is releasing new radio single 'Sway' amidst a fully booked summer of festival appearances. The single is the title track from her forthcoming new EP, due out on 3rd August.

Hailing from Manchester (UK) Lily-Jo’s message of inspiration and determination to live a healthy, life can be heard throughout her song writing. This summer, amidst live festival appearances across the UK and Europe, Lily-Jo releases a new radio single from her forthcoming EP. ‘Sway’ inspires listeners to live as instructed by Romans 12:2; to “stop imitating the ideals and opinions around you.” (TPT)

“Social media can make us feel rubbish sometimes; like we should being doing what everyone else is,” says Lily-Jo. “The truth is we were designed to be unique - to shine and to stand out! ‘Sway’ really talking about ‘staying in your lane’ - be who you were created to be, and stay true to your core values and beliefs. The ‘world’ (or people around us) might try to sway us this way and that, but we should remember that we are free to make up our own minds and follow our inner convictions.”

The new radio single “Sway” features stunning powerhouse vocals, island-style percussions and pool party vibes - perfect for every summertime playlist! With a message of determination, freedom and feelings of joy, ‘Sway’ is sure to inspire listeners to keep their focus and stay their path.

Lily-Jo has designed a unique online resource to help renew both mind and spirit. ‘The Lily-Jo Project’ is an award winning mental health website, with resources that include guided relaxation and thought recording.

Lily-Jo can be seen at the following upcoming festivals in 2018:

28th July - Limitless Voices, Manchester (UK)
30th July - Focus, Bournemouth (UK)
4th August - Creation Fest, Cornwall (UK)
9th August - New Wine, Shepton Mallet (UK)
26th August - Acclaim, Rugby (UK)
28th August - One Event, Lincoln (UK)

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