Switchfoot Tease New Album?

Sep 29 2018

Popular US rockers Switchfoot have announced that their "Hiatus Is Over". In an email message to fans last Friday they wrote, "We're stepping back into the ring. What happens when you stop chasing songs? Do the songs chase you?". The band then followed that up on Thursday with a further email entitled "A note from Jon", which finished with a message from lead singer Jon Foreman saying "The journey begins 10/19/2018… you ready?! Sing with us to a given tune".

The same message also now appears on all of Switchfoot's social media sites, leading to fans speculating that the October 19th date mentioned will be the release date of a new Switchfoot album.

Jon Foreman's full message to fans explained that the band needed a break after spending two years touring their latest album. "In November of last year we flew home from Europe after 2 years of non stop touring for Where The Light Shines Through. We weren’t sure what exactly the road ahead looked like or where we were going next but one thing we knew for sure, we needed to pause. So for the first time in 20 years, we stopped to breathe, rest, and simply be, home. We didn’t know what our hiatus would look like, we just knew that we needed to recharge.

And now, after nearly a year away, we're ready to jump back in. Singing with you all, night after night, in different cities all over the world is such an incredible gift, one that we’ll never take for granted. And we’re beyond amped to jump back in and show you what we’ve been up to lately!

So as we prepare to begin the next chapter of this incredible journey that we’re all on together, we just wanted to say THANK YOU. Thank you for our year at home. And thank you for the 20 years we've spent together!"

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