Michael Stosic Releases New Album 'The Foot Of The Cross'

Nov 09 2018

Contemporary Christian Singer, Songwriter, Independent Recording Artist and Worship Leader Michael Stosic, from Reno, Nevada, has just released his new album 'The Foot of the Cross'. The uplifting and inspiring album features ten new original songs by Michael, with messages of hope and love as we go along life's journey together.

Michael self released his first single of the year, 'He Will Reign Forever' February 6, 2018 to radio. In it's first week the song debuted at #19 in the Christian Top 20 Download Chart and at #19 in the Christian Top 20 Stream Chart.

The first single from the new album 'On That Day' is a song Michael wrote about the loved ones he's lost along the way, his daughter Georgia and his father. It is a song about his Christian faith and hope that on that day (of his final breath) he'll be reunited with them and all his family and friends who have gone before him. It is also a call to make sure you tell the ones you love now that you love them as none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

"It’s something that we need to hear as a collective = specially when today’s world is so fast paced that so many people can’t help but feeling like they don’t have the time or energy to catch up with their loved ones, when they should absolutely make the time. It rings true, that even though most of us know who it is that we can truly count on in times of need, we often forget to tell them how important they are to us while they are still here."

That is the overall message the experienced Christian singer-songwriter wishes to pass on with his perspective shifting 'On That Day' - because if there’s one thing Michael seems to understand very well, is that time waits for no-one.

Delivered in an unexpectedly vibrant and uplifting tone, this single speaks of what can be naturally painful subjects to most - such as the loss of our dearest ones to be more specific, but it also acknowledges that there will be a day when we will all be reunited again. Having experienced the loss of his own father and his daughter Georgia, you can’t help but to admire Stosic’s stance because rather than singing in despair, what he does is the absolute opposite, as he inspires from a place of love and hope.

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