YoungHeart Release 'The First Noel (Born Is The King)'

Dec 14 2018

Hailing from Miami, YoungHeart. a driven and passionate trio with a unique approach to their blend of Christian Pop and rock, have released their Christmas single 'The First Noel (Born Is The King)'.

You’re a teenager leading worship at your father’s church alongside your siblings. One day Dad says He feels the Lord calling your family to take a leap of faith and serve as musical missionaries across the country. So your family of seven sells everything, from your house to your beds, crams into an RV, and travels without a set destination to share the Gospel. How does your heart react to all that?

Welcome to the true story of YoungHeart, a contemporary Christian music group made up of Ubinas siblings Carlos, Michael, and Gaby (ages 19, 17, and 13, respectively). Two years ago their father presented them with the RV proposal, and life has, of course, never been the same. The last couple years have been their greatest journey as a family, full of ups, downs, literal bumps in the road, surprises...perhaps with their greatest surprise being that it’s actually worked out. Throughout their ventures, God has provided opportunity, friendships, and an outlet for their music. The Ubinas’ hearts may be young, but they are also courageous and bold, Spirit-led and Spirit-protected.

MUCH more will be coming from this incredible young pop trio but for now, enjoy three minutes of pop perfection as they take on the Christmas classic The First Noel with a fresh chorus that you won't be able to get out of your head.

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