Independent Singer/Songwriter Yemi Ayeni Releases 'Isaiah Song'

Feb 27 2019

Independent recording artist Yemi Ayeni has just released her new Worship Single, 'Isaiah Song', available from digital stores now! The powerful worship song which is based on Isaiah 6:1-3 is Yemi's first single from her upcoming new Worship EP.

"Based on the Bible verse Isa 6: 1-3, this is the first release from my ‘Worship Ensemble’ and upcoming EP which comprises a range of songs that ‘seek out’ and ‘invite in’ the Presence of God. ‘Isaiah Song’ is a depiction of the prophet Isaiah’s vision of God. This worship song takes you into His presence and is a declaration of His glory", explains Yemi.

Yemi Ayeni is an independent recording artist, under her own label, the Way the Truth, the Life records and music ministry. Based in England, she is a church Youth Minister/Mentor and Worship Leader. And coming from a family of musicians and ministers, Yemi is very passionate about Christ-centred worship.

Yemi released her debut EP, 'Halleluyah Praise Him', 6 years ago and a Christmas Single last year titled 'Christ Out of Christmas'. She is a prolific song writer, has a wide catalogue of songs and writes for church projects regularly.

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