Featured Artist: Martin Smith

May 30 2019

For the last three decades, UK worship artist, songwriter and producer Martin Smith has been penning songs that bring fresh air to the lungs of the Church. From “Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?” and “Waiting Here For You” to “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever” and “History Maker,” Martin’s songs have connected generations - inspiring and influencing worship leaders and worshippers alike.

Before finding success, Smith spent time as a studio recording engineer and formed worship collective ‘Cutting Edge’ in the early 90s alongside Stewart Smith (no relation) and Tim Jupp. Following a near fatal car crash in 1995, Smith emerged from a time of recovery committed to pursuing a full-time career as a recording artist. The crew formerly known as ‘Cutting Edge’ reformed as ‘Delirious?’, going on to receive both CCM and mainstream success and are still greatly beloved by fans around the world. ‘Delirious?’ disbanded in 2009 after giving their final performance for a sold-out crowd at London’s Hammersmith Apollo.

Reflecting his passion of humanitarian efforts, Smith together with his wife Anna, are the founders of CompassionArt. The registered charity generates income from the sale of art, providing impoverished communities with clean water, food and essential medical care.

As a child, Smith was diagnosed with a serious case of bronchial pneumonia, which became so life and death that he was placed in an oxygen tent similar to an ‘iron lung.’ As the medical device kept him alive, Smith’s faith filled parents prayed that if God would "let him make a noise," they would dedicate their son to furthering the Gospel. Smith writes about this life-altering event on the 2019 album ‘Iron Lung’ which features modern church anthems, ‘Great & Glorious’ and ‘Fire’s Gonna Fall.’

Themes of revival and the rising up of believers to ‘make a sound’ are evident throughout Martin Smith’s songwriting. His most beloved songs, sung by thousands around the world, were inspired, Smith days, by a move of God. For this worship leader, love is at the centrepoint of all his efforts and encourages people of faith to love their community; manifesting the divine presence of God on earth every day.

Smith has been married to Anna since 1994. The couple have six children.

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