Interview: Trinity

May 22 2019

Award-winning, Netherlands-based, eclectic band Trinity recently released their latest single, 'Anthem Of Love'. We spoke to the band to find out more about them and the story behind their unique musical style.

For people who don't know, tell us about yourself?

We’re Trinity, a band that makes faith-based world pop. A mix of all kinds folk music with pop creating an eclectic sound. Our music fits all over the world because it comes from all over the world. We’re four Dutch guys, but three of us are brothers who grew up in Lima, Peru, as their parents were missionaries there. That is probably where the folk influences of our sound come from. Later on, as teenagers, we travelled to Ireland and picked up some of their music and from there on out it expanded to Kenya, South-Africa and all over the world really. We try to throw heavenly parties anywhere we play our music.

Tell us about your latest track, “Anthem Of Love”?

Anthem of Love is a few things in one. Since our latest album, ‘The In Between’, was recorded and produced in Nashville it has a more poppy, American sound. We were looking for that, but we also wanted to include at least one song that would give people a distinct sense of our Peru, of the sounds and the joy. So, it’s that, but it also carries a deep conviction that Love, true, deep love that gives and doesn’t claim is at the core of life itself. You give love but you never run out, it takes you into a flow where love is abundant, more than enough for everyone to go around.

Do you enjoy playing live or being in the studio the most?

We love creating songs in the studio and going crazy, but our music is meant to be played live. I think that if we were ever given the choice to only play live or only record music we would choose live music in a heartbeat.

Do you think artists should be more honest in their music?

I think everybody should strive to be honest all the time, including musicians. I believe that authentic and sincere music is the most beautiful thing there is, but the same is true for other professions. You can tell pretty soon if someone is doing their job in a sincere way. As an artist, I believe in honesty. When we struggle with our faith it shows in our lyrics. Our songs and albums tell the story of our faith transition and transformation and that is a tricky thing because sometimes your audience doesn’t follow, but that is a price we are willing to pay for the way we make our music.

If you could work with any songwriter, who would it be and why?

We would love to work with Charlie Peacock someday. Both as a songwriter and a producer. Listening to his songs is very inspiring, his songs show that he has a very open mind when it comes to different musical influences. We love ‘In The Light’. DC Talk did a great cover of it, but his original is amazing!

How would you describe your style of music and what are your influences?

We always say that we make world pop, or world beat. Pop music with a blend of folk music from all over the world. Our influences are diverse but some of them are Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Sting and Christian artists like Jars of Clay, Iona and Burlap to Cashmere and Needtobreathe.

How would you define success in your career?

I think in the past we would maybe have said something like being able to make a living with our music. But I think that now we would say that we have success as long as we are able to make and play music that brings people hope and joy and that unites people in heavenly parties.

What is your favourite album of all time?

I can name only one?!? If I have to choose, I pick Paul Simon’s Graceland. Such a rich album, an amazing collaboration and a great story.

You're stuck on an island, it's hot, you only have enough battery life left to listen to one song on your phone. What track is it?

Since I’m stuck on a desert island and this is the last song I’m going to hear it will be something that is a little bit sad and the first song that comes to mind for me is Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, but I would play the version that Jeff Buckley recorded. It holds so much emotion and it does something to me every time I play it.

What does the next year hold for Trinity?

Right now, we’re doing a tour through the Netherlands with smaller gigs (around 150 people). We really wanted to do something that resembles living room concerts but slightly bigger. It’s exciting, intimate and great fun! We will also be playing on Creation Festival, our first ever festival in the US this year, which is awesome! The album will finally be out on all streaming services July the 12th and we’ll be doing a Christmas tour again this year. We have this concept where we throw a crazy Christmas party in Riding Schools in the Netherlands. It’s like a festival in a day with a great atmosphere, lively music and food and drinks.

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