Winona Avenue Releases New Single 'Day Of Our Lives'

Jun 06 2019

Winona Avenue has released its new single titled “Day of Our Lives.” The single is available to buy and stream now across all major digital platforms. In addition to the digital single, Winona Avenue has released a lyric video for Day of Our Lives, featuring themes of adventure and accomplishment.

Day of Our Lives is the third song to be released from Winona Avenue’s debut album, of which the release date is to be determined. The band explains that “Day of Our Lives is about reaching for your goals and living life to the fullest, no matter what other people say and no matter the limitations or restrictions you feel are in your way.”

Daniel Deputy, frontman for Winona Avenue, states “Impossibilities are really just opportunities. Nothing is truly impossible unless you give up on trying. If you choose to accept limitations that are preventing you from being the best that you can be, then you will never be what you are capable of becoming. If you don’t take a chance, then there is no chance at succeeding. You should never give up or limit yourself when you have the ability to accomplish the task at hand.”

Winona Avenue first introduced themselves at the beginning of 2019 as a mix of alternative rock and synth pop. From Indianapolis, Indiana, Winona Avenue is a two-piece band featuring brothers Daniel Deputy and David Deputy. Inspired by 2000’s pop punk and 2010’s pop rock, frontman Daniel Deputy writes anthemic melodies along with purposeful lyrics.

Winona Avenue plans to release their self-titled debut album in 2019. The album was written with a common theme of inspiration, optimism, life, and hope. “I choose to write lyrics that are important to me and that can relate to the listener,” says Daniel. “If I didn’t write lyrics that can make a positive difference in the listener’s life, then I’d feel as if I was doing a disservice to the listener. I believe in building others up instead of tearing others down, and music is a tool that can serve this purpose.”

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