White Ribbon Day Release New single 'Fog (Through It)'

Jun 20 2019

The soulful, pop-influenced, vocal-driven band, WhiteRibbonDay (WRD), have released their new single 'Fog (Through It)', an honest heart-cry for freedom in the midst of uncertainty.

“Fog was written from a difficult place… a place of emotional crisis - where my own mind couldn’t seem to navigate the inner struggle & heartache I was going through though I had tried for so long", explains the group's Sierra Zürcher. "I felt more alone than I ever had before and had seemingly run out of possible solutions for what I faced. I was scared.

I didn’t know where to turn or what to do, so - choking on my own emotion - I mustered up all the honesty I could and wrote this song. During this time it became clear to me that what I needed to do was to let go.. to let go of the outcome of my situation and decide whether or not I would choose to trust God in my lack of understanding or not.

I made the decision to let go and to trust. And what I found was that I was met with an unexpected peace - that though things maybe felt unbearably difficult, there was someone who loved me. In all my vulnerability and difficulty, He loved me and received me as His own.. He was bigger than I realized and His love was able to go deeper than maybe any of us really can imagine."

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