Music Review - Day By Day - Andrew Farstar

Jul 09 2019

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What To Know About "Day By Day"

From the first sound of the opening chords of the guitar and the way the piano blends together with the synthesizer, one can already get a sense of peace and calmness. As I listened to Andrew Farstar sing "Day By Day", it produced an atmosphere of inspiration and encouragement. Together, the heartbeat like drums, the choir singing in the background, and Farstar’s silky smooth voice is what makes this song so unique and not like your typical gospel hymn. This song is not only interpreted as a prayer but it’s also a worship melody to God from the heart.

Farstar did the cover version of this popular hymn which was originally written by Carolina Sandell who suffered the loss of her farther. As I listen to the words of this song I begin to feel and understand the depth from which this song is written. ‘Day By Day’ also has a special place in the heart of Farstar because like Carolina, he too lost his father several years ago to an illness. Therefore, it has a profound effect on him because he has experienced the fear and pain. Often, tragedies have a way to remind us that we must put our trust in God daily. When Farstar heard this beautiful hymn, he decided to break away from tradition and sing it in a pop style.
You will always hear me say that music is what feelings sound like and “Day By Day” is nothing short of that. The message of this song resonates with so many that are looking for inspiration and strength that will comfort them. About halfway through and into the second verse, the song swelled and filled the atmosphere with an orchestration that was breath taking. It almost became visual at this point. Not only is this song well put together, it also projects a purposeful message that encourages and enable us to get through tough times in our Christian experience. The combination of talent, gift, skills and the anointing make this a song that you will want to listen to repeatedly. I strongly recommend listeners to stream and/or download this track without delay.

About The Music Reviewer

David E. Maxwell is the CEO of D.E.M. Beats Production and a Freelance Music Reviewer. After listening to the song on the label ‘Christian Music In The Spotlight’ by parent company Devine Jamz Gospel Network, Maxwell formulated an intellectual opinion on the value and degree of excellence of the song.

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