Stephen Keech Releases 'I Never Left You'

Jul 15 2019

Stephen Keech, an American Producer/Engineer/Songwriter/Musician and ex-member of the band Haste the Day, has released 'I Never Left You', described as an "ambient instrumental album".

Stephen spent his early years as the vocalist and songwriter for Solid States Records band Haste the Day, and eventually settled down in East Nashville where he expanded on his passion for producing records and composing for film and TV. Working with Directors such as Cale Glendening, Ry Cox and Andy Reale, for companies like Spotify, Eureka, and Talbots, Stephen has pushed to create meaningful and interesting compositions that complement the visual context of each piece.

In addition to composing for film, Stephen has produced and engineered works for artists such as Dead Talk (former As Cities Burn members), Motherfolk, Moseley, Bandit, and Behold the Brave, and continues to excel in pushing each project to its maximum potential by exploring the sonic landscape.

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