Nashville Grunge-Rockers Rusty Shipp Releasing 'Breaking Waves'

Jul 18 2019

Following press & radio acclaim for their 2017 debut album 'Mortal Ghost', Nashville grunge-rockers Rusty Shipp are back with an expanded line up and their new single 'Breaking Waves'. The driving slice of anthemic alt-rockis the best example yet of their ability to weld visceral power chords to pop melodies and arrives with a cinematic video shot on a submarine, which you can check out below now.

Breaking Waves describes the war between technology and nature and is the first glimpse into their forthcoming new album, 'Liquid Exorcist' - a concept album about sea mine terrorism. "Breaking Waves is the catchiest song we’ve ever made," explains frontman Russ T. Shipp. "Lyrically it’s more philosophical and describes the battle between technology and nature in a tortoise-and-the-hare-like metaphor where mankind’s mightiest technology won’t stand a chance in the long run against the simple, steady erosion of the ocean's immortal waves (ie, nature) breaking it down. I think that’s for the best, and humanity is better off not waiting for centuries of erosion before it’s returned to what’s immaterial and most important-its soul."

Rusty Shipp likes to call their style 'nautical rock n' roll'. Their aim is to take up the torch passed down from rock legends of the past five decades; and to hold it up in an age when mainstream music has seemed to give up on rock bands. They combine the pop melodies and surf-rock guitars of Dick Dale and The Beach Boys with the hard-hitting alt-rock sounds of Nirvana and Muse to craft songs distinguished by their unconventional riffs and addictive choruses.

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