Sweden's David Åhlén Releases 'Morning Without Clouds'

Jul 16 2019

Swedish artist David Åhlén has released his new single 'Morning Without Clouds'. David creates a peculiar hybrid of indie and hymn, sung with an inimitable voice.

David released his 7" debut Wasted Breaths in 2007 and he has since then released three critically acclaimed albums: We Sprout in Thy Soil (2009), Selah (2013) and Hidden Light (2016) and collaborated with artists, musicians and producers such as Timbre, Nicolai Dunger, Tomas Andersson Wij, Sofia Jernberg, Mariam Wallentin, Emil Svanängen, Jonathan Johansson, Mirjam Tally, Stefan-stersjö, Sara Forslund, Andreaz Hedén, Manne von Ahn-berg, Jonas Nyström, Andreas Eklöf and Svante Henryson.

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