Evie Asio Releases Debut Single 'Beautiful Love'

Aug 22 2019

Evie Asio has released her debut single 'Beautiful Love', a declaration and an anthem of hope in the face of hard times. "It's so easy to become jaded with suffering in our world today, but I also have a true belief that love is a mighty force and its incredible, tangible power will triumph over all things one day", explains Evie.

The track is a jazzy, soulful bop which swings through two varied musical feels as often as it swings through the two mindset struggles of love and pain.

Evie Asio is an upcoming singer-songwriter hailing from south-east London. Influenced by a fusion of genres including Gospel, Soul, Jazz and Pop, Evie Asio draws her unique style from the music she grew up listening to. Her first project, Conclusion EP, was released in early 2015, and takes a look at the strengths and struggles of human relationships.‚Äč

Honest lived experiences, a love for storytelling through song and faith are just some of the key components of the music of Evie Asio.

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