David Ladwig Releases 'Lions' EP

Dec 19 2019

Recording and performing artist, David Ladwig has just released his first EP, titled 'Lions'. The project shares the journey of how he came from feelings of being lost, insignificant, and unable, to the realization that he has a fierce identity to step into! The Lion.

"I learned the confidence to fully be myself. I started to understand that the creator of the universe poured his breath into me, and that I was wonderfully, and beautifully made. Equipped with everything I needed to enter my calling" says David.

In addition to telling the artist's story of growth, the making of this album has quite a journey of its own. "The oldest song off the EP is 'Be Myself' which I wrote during Christmas break of my sophomore year of college. So it's been exactly two years in the making. I don't necessarily like that it took me that long to make it, but it's an album that had to grow into what it is today, just like I had to grow."

Even though two years of the artist's work has come to a close, David says it has never really felt like an ending. When asked how he knew when the album was finished, David's response was, "Who said it had to be finished? The story arc of the album is interesting in that it doesn't feel like it ever comes to a conclusion. More so, it feels like it comes to a beginning. Don't think of this album as a feature length film. No, it's just the open scene."

David says that "the inspiration for this album came from all over. Anything from 'The Black Panther' Soundtrack, to a Facebook add for Steve Martin's Masterclass. From personal experiences, to spiritual healing." If you'd like to continue following the journey of the Lions EP, tune into his YouTube channel where he will be diving into the crafting of each song.

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