David Ladwig Releases 'Don't Get Hurt'

Dec 30 2019

In David Ladwig's new single, 'Don't Get Hurt' he becomes transparently vulnerable about both his fear of deep relationships, and his fear of failing to catch his dreams. For David, "Life is not about avoiding pain, or staying safe. It's about following the passions placed in you by the creator!"

Ladwig has put that passion on full display in the early stages of his creative career and the daunting fear of failure doesn't seem to faze him. When asked how he is able to overcome this fear David responded, "When it comes to creating, I always just fly by the seat of my pants, never looking far enough ahead to realize how badly all of this could fail." In between giggles, the artist told us he thinks, "that's one of my top 3 traits. My responsibility is near sighted!"

But he is not always on the front lines, courageously battling his fear. When asked about his fear of relationships he said, "Honestly, it's so crippling I've just been avoiding them altogether." He shared with us that he will often times cut relationships off before they begin out of fear that they will never work out. "It's an unfortunate safety mechanism. But writing this song [Don't Get Hurt] has shown me how bad I am at lifting my fears up to God, and trusting him for my strength. I need to get back to that."

The release of the track follows his 'Lions EP' and continues the authentic nature of his songwriting. In this song, we get a unique look at what happens in David's mind and heart when these two fears meet at an intersection.

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