Ian James Releases New Single 'Will For Me'

Jan 10 2020

Singer/Songwriter Ian James, based in Charleston, South Carolina, has just released his second single 'Will For Me', following the release last year of his debut single 'I Look Up'.

'Will For Me' is a song about following one's calling from God, in the midst of all the competing voices and temptations surrounding them. Ian James writes from a very personal experience, as he spent the last 3 years in a secular touring band that, while successful, presented constant temptations and challenges to his faith, driving him to seek God in all of it and inspiring him to write this song. Through the lyrics, Ian hopes to reach those struggling and in similar positions who feel unsure about their calling, and to inspire them to latch onto God's voice and nothing else.

Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Ian started playing drums and guitar at the age of 8, performing in various school bands and ensembles. He chased his dreams with Charleston-based band City on Down in 2016, gaining a large local following and embarking on two international tours in just over 2 years.

Ian decided to pursue a solo career in early 2019, wanting to share his passion for outreach and his relationship with God through his own personal stories. In his music and heart for ministry, Ian hopes to provide encouragement to listeners, and bring inspiration to those struggling and in need of kindness and true compassion. His writing is inspired by raw, deeply personal experiences that have fully shaped who he is, and his songs undeniably reflect this message.

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