April Shipton Opens Up About Exhaustion and Doubt in New Song

Jan 24 2020

Christian singer April Shipton has opened up about struggles including exhaustion, fear and doubt in profound new single 'Your Ways'. The 27 year old from Malvern has been a prolific songwriter and recording artist since 2016, with songs on multiple radio playlists including UCB and Premier, but says this song stands out among her releases as one of the most revealing and honest yet.

"It was such a hard, relentless season.” April explains, “We started trying to move to Malvern when my husband got a job there in September 2017. What seemed like an extremely promising start, with lots of interest and an offer on our flat within the first month, soon dissolved into disappointment and became a long, stagnant wait.

“A dozen rescinded offers, or chain breakdowns, or changed minds, were a dozen times our hearts grew a little bit heavier. Meanwhile, I was working extra shifts to help our mortgage application, alongside driving my music ministry forwards and being my own manager in the most important year of my journey yet. In a time of frustration and exhaustion, I cried while I asked God if we’d misheard Him when we thought moving away from our hometown was the right thing.”

The couple struggled with frustration, overworking and uncertainty for nearly two years, before finally moving into their new home in June 2019 where they now live very happily.

Those who know April’s testimony of healing will already know that she relishes every opportunity to share God’s work in her life, and this painful chapter is no exception. Knowing that God was in control from start to finish, but not knowing why this tough season lasted as long as it did, the singer believes that many others will have similar experiences in life and hopes to share comfort and reassurance through her song’s message.

“If you’re waiting for a relentless illness to finally ease, if you’re waiting for a job offer to come, if you’re waiting for a test result to come back, or any season in your life to end, then I wrote this song for you. I can’t lift that heavy helpless feeling, but I can share my experience of God’s faithfulness, and hope it will stand as a fresh reminder to you to keep surviving and holding onto hope.”

'Your Ways' is available to download from all major online stores. It also features on April Shipton’s acclaimed new album 'Panoramic'.

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